The Toledano Tradition

‘It is like a ladder in the midst of our home whereby we may ascend and descend.’
Hekalot text 6th C

Kabbalah, meaning ‘to receive’, is about life; its Source, principles and purpose.new-tree

At its core is the diagram of Jacob’s Ladder, the extended form of the Tree of Life, illustrating the perennial principles within the physical, psychological, spiritual and divine worlds of existence.

The Toledano line of the Kabbalah is a reformulation of the Teaching, updated by Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi for our modern age, integrating science, psychology and art.

The name Toledano is derived from the city of Toledo in Spain where, in the Middle Ages, people from the Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions met, conversed, shared ideas and translated texts. The fusion of religion and philosophy brought about a synthesis resulting in the modern working method and metaphysics that is the Toledano tradition.

The Teachings are both ancient and contemporary bringing clarity and perspective to our lives. When theory and practise are transformed into experience, acted on and made real, consciousness expands and life’s circumstances become more meaningful.

toledIn essence, this work is about being present, observing oneself and knowing our origins and place in the universe.